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Free Open Access : 1994 - 2016 (Vols. 1-39)
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International Allelopathy Foundation, Rohtak, India has till now organized following 5- International Short Courses on Allelopathy.
Details of Allelopathy Courses Organised till 2014
S.No. Dates Name and Address of Institiute
1. June 2007 Sant Anna Institute, Pisa, Italy.
2. July 2009 College of Horticulture, Harbin, China.
3. August 2009 College of Horticulture, CATAS, Hainan, China
4. July 2012 College of Horticulture, Harbin, China.
5. February 2014 Institute of Agronomy, Chott Meriem, Sousse, Tunisia

The International Allelopathy Foundation is striving hard to help the Allelopathy Researchers worldwide by providing easy ONLINE Access to biggest Data Bases of Allelopathy Literature. During 2014, following ONLINE facilities have become available at our website :

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3.2. ARCHIVES OF ALLELOPATHY JOURNAL: PDF Volumes 1-30 (1994-2012). Full Mss of 940 Research Papers. Price Euro 600.00

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